Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.
— Orson Welles



Well hello there! I’m Stephanie and I live in Sydney, Australia along with my husband (Hubbie) and two cats. My favourite spot in our house is the middle room upstairs aka my sewing room.

In this room, is my beloved sewing machine, my stash of fabric, patterns and yarns and lots and lots and lots of books, on all manners of crafting. And it is in a perpetual state of mess.


 I enjoy sewing. It is a love/hate relationship which stems from my body shape and my lack of skills. Skills that I am working on and probably will forever. But nevertheless, I love it.

I can create anything I want. Clothes, bags, baskets – you name it I will give it a go. I get to play with different fabrics, colours and hack patterns to see what I get. The choices are endless.

And the community – wow! Since starting this little blog, I have met some wonderful people, been on numerous trips/journeys and had plenty of burgers and beers!  We are worldwide and we are inclusive, so come and join in on the fun – don’t be shy.

I also love to knit. I would have a house full of yarn if I had my way.. I cannot get enough of it. My dream one day is to live in a town, where we get to have real winters and be able to wear big cardigans and jumpers, hats / gloves / scarves.  Sydney is just not that cold.

I knit everywhere I can. On the bus or on the train. The couch is another favourite place. You will also find me knitting in summer – there are some lovely cottons and I don’t mind a twin set if I say so myself. A girl can never ever have too many cardigans.

Oh and can I say something to some of the knitters out there.. There is such a word as knitted …..

So please have a look around, leave a comment or two and let's get to know each other. And thanks for dropping by!


Stephanie xx