Ornäs Beanie

The Ornàs Hat is my first attempt at stranded work. I received the yarn and pattern as part of a knitting club that I am participating in for 2016, which is run by Ysolda Teague. 

I believe that this is just the beginning as I have always loved the look of Fair Isle and now that I know I can do it.. who knows where it will lead?

Sewn: Stowe Bag #3

This is my third attempt at Grainline's Stowe Bag and over the weekend I finished off the big (lined) version.  I have also made two small versions (one lined and one as per the original instructions).

And I still am in two minds with this pattern. The original idea behind me making this bag was to store knitting in it.  I am teaching a girl a work how to knit and thought something to put her projects in would be nice.

Social Media

Social Media. Do love it or do you hate it? Do you find it all too much or have you got it a level that you can cope with? How do you use it to promote your blog, if at all.?

Me? I am trying to find out how do my readers read my blog posts..

Sewn: Stowe Bag #2

After making the first one and not being totally happy with it, I thought I would try another one, but this time I would line it following these instructions. I will admit the instructions were not 100% clear, but I did clarify a few things by dropping some questions into the comments.

Sewn: Stowe Bag

I love bags, seriously.. love bags and I am known to have one or two bags, so much that it is a standing joke throughout my family. This passion/obsession also means I have a few bag patterns.

So when Yang, a work colleague, for whom I made this shawl for, asked me to teach her how to knit, I thought a little bag each would be nice to hold our projects in. 

May I Suggest?

Along with sewing, I enjoy knitting. Now I am not that brilliant at it, but I love the journey of knitting a garment.  For me it really is a form of meditation. I tend to find that I zone in on what I am doing and can sit there and just knit the hours away. (Now I am not one of these people who can watch tv, read book and knit - I tend to make mistakes).

Sewn: Teeny Tiny Zipper Coin Purses

They are a good stash buster as they take little fabric, a 15cm/6" zip and a little bit of hardware if you want to use it, oh and some interfacing.  You can make one in an hour. The longest bit for me was the cutting out.. Seriously I cannot cut a square for the life of me.  I had three goes for the cat one! Sheesh...