Knitted: Stockholm Cowl

Now that summer is in full swing you knit a cowl, don’t you? Actually I started this before I went on my trip and finished it 3/4 of the way through.

I made 2 other cowls through winter but they didn’t quite do the job,  so I went on the hunt for another one.  I also wanted to make one for when I went away. I had a poke through Ravelry and couldn’t find anything I liked. I happened to click on Liz’s (of Busy Lizzie) project page on Ravelry and saw that she had a gorgeous one.. the Stockholm Cowl.

I followed her adaptation, where she converted it into being knitted in the round as opposed to the original where it is knitted normally and then the ends are sewn together. In the round all the way!

I took the project on the plane and did it in the evening when I could.. this thing took forever; it just didn’t seem to want to grow.  The pattern wasn’t difficult by any means, but I did manage to stuff it up a few times, so had to undo it these few times. But finished I did and it is so toasty warm.  As we were still in Autumn in Europe it only got worn a few times and then it was shoved in the backpack as it is warm!

I got the yarn from Morris and Sons and I must say it is not the nicest of yarn. It has a bit of a rough feel to it and didn’t really soften up after being blocked and I am a bit disappointed with it.

Anyhoo it has now been packed away ready for next winter.


Pattern: Stockholm Cowl.
Yarn: Morris and Sons Estate 8 ply in 8056 Building colour (50gm balls x 7 used)
Needles: 6mm (circular)
Width: 12 inches (haven’t measured the length).

My next project is a lovely capped sleeved top in 4 ply (fingering) yarn, Sauvie by Veronik Avery.

In my favourite/hated stitch – Moss Stitch.. Knit one, purl one…

chat soon

Stephanie xx