May I Suggest?

Summer in Sydney this year has been hot and humid and here I am talking about knitting patterns? And why not I say.

You see, along with sewing, I enjoy knitting. Now I am not that brilliant at it, but I love the journey of knitting a garment.  For me it really is a form of meditation. I tend to find that I zone in on what I am doing and can sit there and just knit the hours away. (Now I am not one of these people who can watch tv, read book and knit - I tend to make mistakes).

Along with the actual knitting, I love looking for and looking at patterns for my next make. This means that I have collected a few of these said patterns as well as many books.

To find my patterns, I use Ravelry along with what bloggers I follow have recommended or have mentioned.  I also love going to my local yarn shops to see what they have. 

So today I am going to give you a sneak peak at two newly discovered finds of mine. I will be looking at a new to me designer as well as a subscription I have recently taken up.

Hannah Fettig can be found on her site "Knitbot" and the book I have purchased is her "Home & Away - Knits for Everyday Adventures". In this book there are 9 lovely patterns for different skill levels and with the options of either knitting with a seam or seamless. I purchased the book as a downloaded e-book, which you can purchase off her website.

I must confess that as an aspiring photographer, I adore the images in this book. They are simple and clean and show off the projects beautifully.  I am now wishing that I purchased the book bundle; hard copy and ebook.  

The patterns are simple and every day wearable.  The instructions that Hannah has provided through the book are clear and thoughtful. There are instructions such as choosing your size, understanding a pattern, finishing and heaps more.

There are links within the e-book to outside sites, there are ravelry pages for each of the designs; you can't go wrong with this book.   

As yet I have not made anything from it,  but do have a few on queue. I urge you to go and buy it, you will not be disappointed.

The second publication I stumbled upon, and  how and from where, I can't remember.  This publication is not just for knitting but for knitting, crochet and craft. Pom Pom was founded in 2012 by three lovely ladies and their story can be found here

I again have gone for the e-subscription, but you can also purchase the hard copy version in some stores. I actually found it last week in one my local newsagents.  

This is my first issue of this publication, but what I have seen so far the patterns look really nice.  I am all about visuals and if something grabs my eye, I am gone. 

In this issue there are tops, shawls, gloves and cowls for both crocheting and knitting.  Again the instructions seem to be very clear, with them being written and with schematics. 

As there is advertising in this publication (not actually sure what to call it; a magazine or book?), there are again links to the businesses etc which I do like - cause I need to know more places where I can buy more things. 

There is also articles as well as recipes (a very nice Herb Popover one in this issue). 

So, where do you get your inspiration from? Do you have any favourite books or magazines. Are you hiding something I should know?

Weill, I hope I have wetted your appetite for some loveliness. Your welcome.