Sewn: Cushions

Yesterday I made two 50cm x 50cm cushions for our new couch. The current cushions don’t go and they are looking a bit tired. I purchased the material awhile ago when I took a half day off from work and wandered up to Cloth in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

All their products are made in Australia and they have some gorgeous fabrics and they are mostly for the home etc, They are not cheap, but I got some remnants and got my two cushions out of them, with a stack more left over.  I will make some more smaller cushions over the coming weeks. The horses are the front of the cushion and the big dots the back. Our couch is red, pretty much the same colour as the horses.

For the cushions, I wanted a clean look, so I decided to go for an invisible zip at the bottom of them. I followed this tutorial by Sew Katie Did. I did what Katie suggested and lined each side with muslin. This gives the cushion a more firmer feel. I also made the cushions the same size as my inserts, as I did want a stuffed looked.

So after cutting out all the 8 pieces of fabrics (my knees were very sore as I did it all on a wooden floor), I then overlocked them together.

Then I proceeded to put the zip in the first one.. upside down. Been ages since I have done an invisible zip.

I then had to unpick it again as I wasn’t close enough to the zip; like I said its been ages since I have done one.

On the third go, I managed to get it in perfectly.  Very pleased with myself.

I then sewed up the edges, trimmed the corners, turned it inside out, poked the corners, stuffed in the cushion, zipped it up and ……

the bloody zip broke. One side of the teeth came out of the slider.  A few sweary words poured out of my mouth, I can tell you!

I will tell you at this point, that I have magic powers, red lights, slow people in cars in front of me and sewing disasters.  I cannot win a trick with my sewing.. all of my projects will have something go wrong with them; don’t know what it is. After a few broken nails, jabbing myself with my awl and a broken quick unpick, I managed to fix it up.  That cushion will never get washed as there is no way I am touching that zip.

But after this the second one went together like a charm.  Next ones won’t be an issue either.  I think the problem was the material and the muslin together and I sewed really close to the zip, that it was very tight.  I found with the second one that I if I did the zip up a couple of times and pressed the edges with my hands, it went up with no problems.

Cushions. Job done..

So what did you get up to over the weekend? My next project is the dress I got fitted at the course I did at Tessuti. I popped up to Lincraft at Belrose this morning and got some material for the top.

I also need to make a dress for TMS. December is a Party Dress and I have a few things in mind..mmmm. Best get onto it..