Sewn: Dahlia

All I can say is that this dress is cool to wear. What can I say, I am a quite disappointed with this dress and I think it is due to the fit. When I made up the toile for it, I did the bodice and yoke and they seem to fit quite well. But after making it up, it is just saggy (not the only thing). Also the material was an absolute bitch to cut... as it was a thin cotton, it slipped and moved around like nothing else, therefore I had some weird shapes after I finished cutting.. If anyone has any suggestions on cutting this type of fabric, please do share.

One issue is that I wore my bra when I did the toile and then didn't wear it when I actually wore the dress.. Lets say a small bust adjustment would not have a gone astray!! I may need to invest in a strapless bra. I also decided to line it and only when I put the yoke on did I realise that I couldn't line the way I wanted it to, so the skirt is the only thing lined and then I muffed that up as well. After sewing the lining up and then attaching it to the skirt, did I realise that because it was in reverse, seams didn't match up.. There are different sized panels front and back of the dress.

The lining wasn't sewn up that well either - same issue with the fabric, pain to work with.  But the invisible zipper? Nailed it (well the insertion - not the lining up of the seams - they moved).... can you also see the neat little trick I have done here?

A sewing teacher taught me this little trick a few years back.. Turn it upside down so the puller is not sitting under your arm when done up.. also it is easier to zip up/down.

As it was looking like a sack on me, I did put in two small darts at the back to pull it in a bit. This helped a bit.  It definitely could do with a bit of taking in at the sides, should I ever make this up again. Jury is out on that one.

Making the bias binding for the straps did my head in due to the fabric. I made way more than I needed and therefore got shitty when I didn't really need to. The pattern said to make up 3 yards (2.7 metres). I probably used about half of that...but in the end I am glad I did make my own as it would have looked horrible with something else.

What else? The gathers in the front kind of didn't work, they seemed to disappear after I sewed on the bias binding. . I did them as per the instructions, but could have done with more..

Like I said the dress is cool to wear - just not well fitting. Oh well, it will get worn, especially with the humid weather Sydney has been having.

Next project? PINEAPPLES.



ps I hope you all had a great Christmas - here's to a great 2015.

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