Sewn: Divided Basket #1

One down, two to go! How cute is this not so little basket?  My boss, Alana is expecting her first baby ( a boy ) at the end of February, and I have decided to make some stuff for her.. I decided not to make clothes as she already has stacks of these, so I thought I would make something a bit practical for her.  Whilst downloading a bag pattern from Noodlehead (aka Anna Graham) I noticed the pattern for a divided basket and her picture had nappies in it ... Brilliant. Just the sort of thing I was looking for.

After finishing my dress, I decided to make these up over the weekend (well one anyway).. Well I spent way more time and way way more money than I wanted to on these bloody things.  I spent around an hour and half at Craft Depot in Pennant Hills just picking out material.  It was here that I saw the Kitty material and decided to make myself one.. This could be the prototype I thought to myself. After buying the Kitty fabric I then found some matching ones. Then did this again twice for the two for Alana.

After getting threads to match and other shit I didn't need, I got my fabric cut. Now the pattern says that you need 1/2 yard each for the exterior and lining and a fat quarter for accents, but there is no explanation as to what the accents are, so kinda guessed here? I got this according to the fabric I picked out.  Now they didn't have the interfacing I wanted, so off to Belrose to Spotlight to get the stuff there as I knew that they had it. Got that.. Walked out of the shop and about to get into the car when I realised that I had only bought enough for one; forgot to multiply it by 3! Back up I went.

Finally got home after about 4 hours and then proceeded to cut mine out. I decided whilst cutting it out that I would put a front pocket on it and make it out of the exterior  fabric as I had heaps.. Wrong.. I didn't read the pattern piece properly and I only cut out 1 piece on the fold when I needed to cut out two. Realised that this would be the same problem for one of the other baskets as I wanted to do the same thing with it - I didn't have enough fabric did I.. Soooo back to the quilt shop on Sunday. Fark...

I finally cut out all the pieces, interfacing etc and off I sewed. It was a pretty easy sew, except for one instruction which is slightly misleading, but an easy fix later on. But it pretty much went together with no dramas. The only thing I am not really happy with is the interfacing. To get a sturdy basket, Anne gets you to use two types, one a lightweight one and another which is a fusible fleece and you put them over one another.  After putting it on and sewing the basket it kind of bubbles, not sure which one. I found some instructions on how to put it on afterwards so might give that a go with the next one - I just ironed it on.. she actually gives two options for the thicker one, but I am sticking with the one I have cause a got great big pile of it.

There were some nice touches as well. With the handles you use cotton webbing and wrap fabric around it, this gives a nice sturdy handle. The way the divider is sewn in is pretty trick . But all in all, it all just went together really well. I am pretty pleased with the end result.

I also discovered the bestest things ever whilst making this...

These things rock.. I used them when holding the lining together with the outer fabric..much better than pins. They held the fabric together really well, whilst I was topstitching them together, nothing budged.

Anyway here are some pictures ...

And so you can get some perspective to the size of it

There you go - a divided basket. I have since put some wool in mine that I am using for my crochet and the yarn I got from my Knitcrate.. Useful.

Stephanie xx

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