Sewn: Divided Basket #2

I love these baskets.. I think I may make a few more just for the hell of it.  Even though the cutting out of all the pieces may take a bit of time, the sewing up is quick and easy.  After cutting out all the pieces and ironing on the interfacing, I can whip one of these up in an afternoon.

After posting in my last post that I wasn't happy with the bubbling that was going on, Erin from Dog under my Desk said it was due to the fusible fleece interfacing and that I would get a better result if I used a sew in type.  She mentioned that fusible is easy to put into instructions for pattern writers than trying to explain how to do the sew in type. But not our Erin.  Luckily I had some leftover from when I made the wristlet.. ok not left over, I bought a stack of it, cause.. you never now???

So following along the instructions of the wristlet, I did the same with this basket.. and can I say that it made the biggest difference. The lines are much smoother, it sits better; it's just better over all. I will definitely be using this from now one. Except I do have a bit of the fusible one left over now.

Anyway there isn't much to say about this make - it was super easy as I had made one already.  I really love the fabric on this one. I took it in to work today and Alana loved it (so did the rest of the office). It fascinates me that making things blows non sewing peoples minds.

You can change the look of this basket so many ways and I have somethings in mind for the next one....

Anyways here are the obligatory pics:


Stephanie xx

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