Sewn: Drawstring Backpack

Recently Hubbie got him and I a Fitbit each and because of this we now walk pretty much everywhere when we can. My car is now parked in the garage as I walk to and from the station during the work week. Now that we walk everywhere, I needed something to carry all my crap plus his crap.  I do have a little backpack already but it is getting old and well it looks like a backpack, so I decided to make something. This in itself is a change, as previously I would have just gone out and bought something.

I knew that Erin from Dog under my desk had a backpack pattern, so I downloaded it and made it up.

I went through my stash and pulled out some fabric to use for either the inner or outer fabric, but as soon as I walked into Hobbysew Hornsby the squirrels came out.  Since my last sewing group late last year, they had gotten in some lovely new fabric, so my stuff got tossed and I quickly grabbed some of the new stuff. Apart from being much prettier, it was also lovelier to touch and I just fell in love with the contrast with the yellow and the grey.

I started to cut it out in class then carried on when I got home.  For such simple things, there are gazillions of pieces.. And once you cut them out all out (main and lining fabric), you have to interface pretty much all of them. I swear the sewing together is the easier bit.

I made this over the course of a week, in the evenings after work and also the following weekend. I did make two minor little stuff ups, but they don't affect the make in any way.. I just put button holes on some pieces that didn't need them and these pieces are on the inside so you can't see them and I think I made up slight error when attaching the straps to the bag.

As you can see it has a zipped pocket on the back, which has the yellow fabric as its lining.

There is also a divided pocket inside, which is a handy place for your phone.

There are nice little touches to the bag which is why I believe Erin’s patterns are just that much better. You make your own straps and there are little tabs on the sides to attach them after you have threaded them through the top. This is where I stuffed up here slightly and have the straps sewn in the wrong way.

She gives you an oval bottom so there is heaps of room in it.

I totally love this little bag; it is easy to make, roomy as all get out and such a handy little thing.

I highly recommend you make this one up if you are after such a thing. I would love to give it  go in waxed cotton – just need to find some.

chat soon

Stephanie xx