Sewn: Gathering Bag

Well hello my lovelies. I do hope you all had a great weekend and had a smashing time, whatever you did.. Sydney was absolutely gorgeous.

Well I have finally made something. I have been in a bit of a slump lately, not sure why, well I lie, I do, but I won't bore you with the details.. Anyhoo, I finally pulled my finger out and made something.

A few weeks ago, I put my name down to participate in a Secret Valentine, held by the ever lovely Sanai Ishida.. check out her blog. The swap has also been co hosted by her friend Ute who has some amazing stuff over in flickr. Basically the brief was that you made something for your Secret Valentine, that you got paired with.  It was also a good opportunity to use something out of your stash, but what I had in mind, my stash came up empty.

I poked around the internet, and the books in my collection and decided on a bag from a book I have. My Secret Valentine is pregnant so I thought a bag that could be swung over your shoulder would be useful. The bag is called a gathering bag and is from the book "Simple Sewing with Lola Nova". The instructions were spot on, doesn't help that I can't cut a square/rectangle. What is the go with that. I seriously can't.. I have also decided that I am so not getting into quilting! It took me 2 hours to pick 4 fabrics. It's tough!

My SV gave me some clues as to the things she liked in patterns for fabrics: Chevrons, scandaninavian prints ( eg Marimekko type stuff), Nani Iro, Fair Isle Knits, minimalist Japanese style. Also the colours aqua, pale mint green, peach. Unfortunately none of these resided in my stash, so off to a local quilt shop, where I finally picked out some lovely fabrics.

After cutting out all the pieces and ironing on the interfacing, I sewed up the body. Only when I was then sewing up the lining, did I realise that I had done the body incorrectly.. Damn.. It ain't a completed project for me unless there is some sort of stuff up.. So had to get some more material for the body - ended up getting a slightly different colour, which I was happier with, s'all good.

The rest of the bag went together with no problems and I was quite chuffed about the finished bag. One change I would make if it was me, I would put a magnetic snap faster on the flap as it is free to flap.. thinking about it now, I just remembered that I had some magnets that would have done the trick.. Doh!

So here I present the Gathering Bag:

Well I had fun making this little bag up and might make some more of the things in this book as there is some lovely stuff and the instructions are so clear and easy to follow.

Onto my next project - the damn Cambie... so close but yet so far. I have started sewing it up, but had to get some more lining as the one I had in my stash was      this  "    " much not enough..arrgh. But I did get some lovelier stuff. Hopefully I  will finish the bloody thing soon.

Keep well.

Stephanie xx