Sewn: Hollyburn Skirt

Well this should be the last post for a bit.. I now have nothing to post after this one and I am still trying to decide what will be on the cutting table next.. But here I present a hollyburn skirt for you.

I saw this linen on sale at Spotlight last year, so grabbed a couple of metres of it.  I usually buy fabric with no clue as to what I am going to with it (something I am trying to remedy this year) so when the thought popped into my head to make a Hollyburn, I thought of this fabric straight away.

I decided to make the middle length and as it was linen I knew I wanted to line it. Even though I have a largish stash, I don't have lining in it, so had to purchase this; I am trying to go through my stash and bring it down. The instructions that come with the pattern do not include any on how to line it, so after googling it, I followed the instructions from a sewalong that Rachel from My Messings held awhile back.

From this I learnt how to do french seams and how do bias binding on the edges on your seams. I did get lost a bit when putting in the zip as I couldn't work out when to sew up the centre back seam of the lining (I think there maybe a step missing ?). In the end though I got a skirt that I have practically worn to death. I really must make more of these skirts, especially for when summer comes and I might give the curved waistband a go that Sunni has done a post on. (Sunni has great tips for all sorts of things).

I reckon I could whip one of these up over a weekend now, less without the lining.. As usual with my pear shape I had to go down a size in the waist, but overall it is pretty easy to fit due to the shape.

This is a great staple for any wardrobe and like I mentioned before, I need to get more of it into mine.  And I just realised whilst posting this though, that the last four skirts I have made have all been some shade of green! Not sure what that is about.

I also have the last 3 posts arse about.. This skirt came first, then the outfit for Canberra then the dress.. You can also tell that I did the "photo shoot" on the same day - wearing the same top.. Whatevs..

Anyway, chat soon

Stephanie xx