Sewn: Simplicity 2888

As Lara from Thornberry, stated the other day... there is a bandwagon and we are on it, cause if you haven't noticed #pineapplesarehotrightnow. After seeing all the pineapple makes being posted, I decided to get in on the act.  Darn Cheap Fabrics had a couple of fabrics which people were snapping up.. a linen and a chambray.  I heard that the chambray was very nice, so I rang up and purchased 2.5 metres sight unseen. I ordered it on the 22 Dec and got it the next day! How's that for service.

I originally wanted to make McCalls 6696, but ran into problems with the back of the skirt part of the dress. I have quite a swayed back and the material was just pooling on my butt.  I pulled out a couple of my books and they showed me what was wrong but not how to transpose this to the pattern.. It was only whilst travelling home today on the train, after I googled it did I find some good posts on how to fix it.. I will give this dress another go as I quite like it.

So after chucking a tanty, I decided to just make the flared skirt version of it.  But.... I didn't really want to.. I had just recently made a similiar dress. So I poked and poked around my patterns to see if I could find something else that took my fancy. I also had to take into account the amount of fabric I had.  Luckily the fabric I got was a wide width. After a bit, I stumbled upon Simplicity 2888 and decided I liked this one way more.

I made up a toile of it (this was #2 as I had also made one of 6696). After pretty much making the whole dress up, I decided that I needed to go down a size on the sizes I had chosen.. In the end I made an 18 on top with a size 20 skirt.  I made the view A skirt, but at the view B length.  I liked the side pockets better than the ones on the dress front. As I didn't remake the new sizes, there are still adjustments that could be made should I make it up again, which I think I will.

The bodice had to be lined so I used a mustardy yellow voile. I also changed the lapped zip to an invisible one as I find these so much easier to put in, plus it just made the back so much nicer. The bodice was probably the thing that took the most time to sew up.  There was a bit of hand stitching involved, which kind of slowed the process down.

Even though I stayed stitched the neckline, it still kind of gapes, I probably will take a bit out or put some tape in when I stitch it to stabilise it should I make it again. I also had to pull in and sew the overlapping bits in the front down to help pull the gape in. As hubbie stated.. another dress I don't fill out.  The darts are right on my bust points so they are wee bit pointy??? I ummed and ahred about what to put on the top of the neckline. Either hook/eye or button.. I ended up putting in a hook & eye, but it still isn't sitting right. Never get these damn things right.

The bodice was a bit out of alignment on the first go, so I undid a section and resewed it. Boo yeah.

The armholes gap a bit when I lift my arms, but the back sits nice and flat when I put them down.  Not sure how I would fix this up next time, or even if it needs to be? Anyway this was an easy sew, even though a bit longer that I would have liked. But I did take my time and I am really pleased with it.

Overall I like this dress, it is cool and comfy.  I like the neckline and the halter neck look it has about it. Yep, I think I will give this one another go.

I just now need to remember to smile for the camera. Also I needed to pull the dress down and my hair!  Growing my fringe out and it is just at a length where I can't do anything with it.

Next project? Something for my boss who is expecting her first child at the end of February.


Stephanie xx

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