Sewn: Stowe Bag #2

So I made another Stowe Bag 

Stowe Bag by Grainline Studios (Designed by Fringe Supply Co)

After making the first one and not being totally happy with it, I thought I would try another one, but this time I would line it following these instructions. I will admit the instructions were not 100% clear, but I did clarify a few things by dropping some questions into the comments.

The instructions were for the large size bag, so I had to wing it for a few things, things like the cutting of the lining. It could do with a few small tweaks if I were to make the smaller one again, but overall it worked. 

So what did I get by lining it? Well I got a much better looking bag inside that is for sure. Again the fabric I chose (out of my stash) was not the stiffest, but it did stand by itself and had a lot more structure than the first.

I also changed a few other things, like I made separate lined pockets and then sewed these onto the lining. I also sewed the gusset in, to give it a more squarish bottom that would help it sit.

By doing this, it gave the bag a completely different look. I will probably keep this bag at home as a true project bag, whereas the first one I do use it when I go out as a little hand bag.  I am thinking of doing another small one but will try to do french seams as I just don't like the look of the insides as it currently stands. I did overlock my edges, but it still looks blah.

I will be making two of the large bags for Yang and I for our knitting club but just need to find the right fabric.  I had found a gorgeous cat one by Monaluna called "Meow"  but it seems to be out of stock and I can't find it anywhere... bugger!

Anyways here are some photos

I know this little bag will get used a lot; it already has a knitting project sitting in it as we speak.

I might do my own tutorial when I make the big bags up, not sure yet.

chat soon