Sewn: Teeny Tiny Zipper Coin Purses

Whew.. that is a mouthful for such a tiny thing. I made these little things over the course of two days; I stopped and started them and did them in between doing other stuff.. I stumbled across the pattern whilst looking for something for Hubbie to keep his coins in.. and no I won't be making one of these for him - I have something else in mind. Anyway.. I found the pattern for the little purse on a website I follow, So Sew Easy (link here). They do a lot of free patterns, and I am always popping over to see what they girls have on the site.

I was going to make a stack of them for little gifts, but time got away from me. I think I may make a stack of them and take into work for the girls as they get quite chuffed when I make things for them.

There isn't much to say about these.  They are a good stash buster as they take little fabric, a 15cm/6" zip and a little bit of hardware if you want to use it, oh and some interfacing.  You can make one in an hour. The longest bit for me was the cutting out.. Seriously I cannot cut a square for the life of me.  I had three goes for the cat one! Sheesh...

They are boxed at the end, which gives it a lovely look. With mine I experimented with hardware; I put a D ring on one and a clippy thing on the other.

There you go a post about little purses...

Onto the next project (coin purse for hubbie).