Sewn: Vogue 8750 & Simplicity 1366

As you can probably tell I am behind on my posts.  Oh I have been making things, I have just been slack with the writing and the taking of photos. So as I had today off, I decided it would be a good opportunity to get some photos and posts done - so sorry for the deluge (and sorry for the poses, but my bloody remote for my camera was giving me grief and would only work intermittently).

This is the skirt and top I made for Canberra Frocktails and in my usual form, I left it all a bit late and had to take my machine down and finish it the afternoon before I wore it. The top was finished but the skirt needed to be hemmed and the waistband finished. I completed it all with an hour to spare.  Really need to stop doing this.

The top is the popular Simplicity 1366.  This is a great top and I must make more of it.  I lengthened this one as I was originally going to tuck it in (sound like a Nanna don't I?) but left it out in the end. When I made the muslin, it seemed to be too short, but looking at everyone elses theirs seem to be the right length? But I am glad I did add a few cms as it sits better on me at this length.

Just in case you don't know S1366:

The fabric is a gorgeous rayon I picked up from Spotlight to go with the skirt fabric.  I picked up the skirt fabric from Cabramatta last year. It is a lovely green micro suede, which I was originally going to do my Gabriola in but changed my mind.

Other than adding to the length I didn't do any changes to 1366. There is a bit of excess fabric at the back, but I have no idea as to how to remove this; one day I will work it out.

With the skirt there were no changes as well. I could come in on the waist, but if I ever make this again I will change how that is done completely.  It is done with a piece of grosgrain and is just yuck. I think a proper facing would help it immensely.

The skirt is  a Vogue pattern that I have had in my stash for ever and comes in straight or flared and in 3 lengths.  As I had metres of the fabric (still have quite a bit leftover) I went for the longest flared one.

Cutting out was not a problem and no real problems putting it together. There was a bit of edgestitching on some of the panels, but no real issues. The side pieces are like big godets and sewn down the middle (front and back pieces together). There was a lot of hem so I just sewed that up on the machine.  It overlocked beautifully and irons up really well.

This would be a lovely summer skirt in the right fabric, so definitely will be keeping this in mind. The flares add a lovely touch.

Another outfit done... I have worn the top already a few times and get complimented on it all the time.  I couldn't work out if which way the birds were suppose to go but they kinda look upside down to me.

Definitely will be making the top again.

chat soon

Stephanie xx