Sewn: Wristlet

One of my lovely work colleagues, Chloe is leaving for a new job, with her last day being this Tuesday.. So I decided on Thursday that I would make her something as a little farewell present and with me only working Monday I needed something quick that I could make over a weekend. Now I am a big fan of DUMD or Dog under my desk aka Erin. Erin makes great patterns for bags (and other great stuff). If you haven't checked her site out.. click here.

I have some of her patterns, but haven't actually had the chance to make one up as yet, so thought that this would be a good time to try one out.  I decided on the wristlet. I have been eyeing one off that one of my other colleagues has and thought that this would be a nice quick little project.  I probably should have done one up for myself as a test, but as I didn't have a lot of time, I thought I would make this the test one. Basically it is a largish zipped pouch with a loop so you can hang it off you wrist.

I sounded Chloe out the other and asked her what her favourite colour is.. Black. Mmmm.  So off to Spotlight I went on Saturday to pick out some material.  I decided that black was just too... black.  So after having a good poke around, I decided on a dark grey. Next, the lining.  I now know why I am not a quilter, it is quite hard to coordinate fabrics, without being kitsch. I had picked out one but after walking around with it, I decided I didn't really like it.  I was wandering past the kiddies section and thought it was a shame that they didn't have any rabbits.

Rabbits you say?

Chloe has a pet rabbit Sherman and I thought it would be cute to have something rabbity.. Then I saw it it tucked away - Peter Rabbit on a pink background. Perfect.

So after gathering all the other bits and pieces and some fabric to make myself one, I went in search of interfacing.

Now, for those who don't know, Erin is actually trying to move to Australia from the USA.  A few of us have gotten to know her and have met up with her.  With her patterns she uses Pellon interfacing which we can't get here in Australia (well I have never seen it).  I remembered a picture on Instagram of her very excited in Spotlight as Spotlight now has them under a different name, Legacy.. You just replace the P with an L and the numbers are the same.

So I managed to get the recommended interfacing that I needed for my pattern. Very excited as there are a few other bags I want to use that use Pellon. It makes a difference when you get the right stuff first up.

So after getting all the stuff I needed, off home I went.  I cut out all the pieces (I didn't have time to wash the fabric):

For a little thing, there are certainly a lot of pieces!!  17 to be exact.

The construction was pretty straightforward. I did muff up one section, where I put some sew-in interfacing in the wrong spot, but this was easily remedied. Cause I couldn't get the hardware I wanted, my clasp on the wristlet wasn't as big as I would have liked, so the strap is a bit thin. Erin shows you some wonderful tips on putting in zips, so you don't have any metal bits in them, other than the puller.  She also gives you some different options such as a boxed bottom or one with a zipped pocket on the side as well as the main section. Mine just has a little pocket in side, with Peter poking over the top of it.

I probably took about 4-5 hours to make this? I did take my time and did have to fix up my stuff up. But in the end I got a lovely little purse.

Overall I am really happy with this make.. Oh it could have been a bit better if I had had a second go at it, but overall I am chuffed.  Having the right interfacing made the difference and it is quite a sturdy little thing. Definitely going to be making myself one - might go with with the boxed bottom. May even make all three versions.  There is a smaller version but my mobile phone is huge (I have a Galaxy Note 3), so it would be useless.

Next thing I am going to make from Erin is her Tote bag pattern. Got the bag bug...


Stephanie xx