Sewn: Zippered Pouches

Well hello there my lovelies.. I have been a bit quiet of late, which is probably due to me not feeling inspired to sew anything. Meh.. But I think I am over that now.  Hubbie is going overseas tomorrow for a few weeks and mentioned on Thursday that he needs something to put his gadgets into when he is on the plane.. You know, things like phone chargers, etc etc. So I thought I would whip one up for him, 'cause we can!

In the end I made two for him.

The first one I used scraps from fabric I have made clothes out of and the second one is fabric in my stash of which I just cut a bit off the end. I got the pattern from a site after googling "zippered pouch tutorials". Do this and see how many there are.  Anyhoo I used one from Punkin Patterns, which was easy enough and I managed to put them both together with no issues.

They both have a zip and nifty little tabs at each end of the zips. The first one is just a square; Hubbie wanted something that he could put in the plane seat pocket and the second one is a rectangle with corners. They are both lined and  thats pretty much it..

So there you go.. two zipped pouches.

Anyway - Laters....


ps  Whilst out taking photos of my pouches, Tiger was sitting on the grass as he does so I grabbed a photo of him with my new lens.