Social Media

Social Media. 

Do love it or do you hate it? Do you find it all too much or have you got it a level that you can cope with? How do you use it to promote your blog, if at all.?

I want to ask some questions and am hoping you my lovely readers / followers will share your thoughts.

Please leave a comment below.

My biggest issue is that there is so much going on out there in the big WWW and that it is impossible to keep on top of it all. Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin' and all the other places there may be. I am finding that I am missing out on updates from people I know and really want to see. 



Does anyone still use it?  I know that I have gazillions of blogs on the feed and most of the time I just "Mark as all read". 

  • Do you still use Bloglovin' for following and reading blog posts? 
  • Do you organise you feed into categories?
  • Do you still read blogs?

One thing I do which I find really helps is by putting blogs into categories and or groups. This way I can ensure that I read the blogs I really want to and then can glance at others and not necessarily read.

Would you prefer to get an email with my latest posts on it rather than using Bloglovin? I use mailchimp (Subscribe button), but not many of you subscribe to it? I am thinking of getting rid of it



This is probably the most used app by all of us and it is with this one that I am getting overwhelmed by; I follow around 270 people and am followed by 416.

I just miss so much on this feed.  There are so many images being posted (we are all guilty - me included) that I miss important stuff and I see stuff that I don't really want to see from someone but am too polite to unfollow (is this just me?).

  • How do you manage your Instagram feed?
  • Does it worry you to unfollow people when they start posting things you are not interested in anymore?

I am thinking of creating a few new accounts on Instagram, not for posting but to split my feeds into categories. These won't be used for posting pics, but just away of organising who I follow. The latest scandal (chronological) on Instagram didn't worry me at all.. I just wish we could organise our feeds like Bloglovin'. (I haven't missed anything have I? No such thing exists?).

There are apps to manage this sort of thing, but what I can see it is only available if you have an iphone, of which I don't have (Mashfeed for instance).

I will just make up some gmail email addresses, seeing you can't have the same for different accounts and do it that way.. Now that we the ability to change accounts on Instagram it may help.



One site I forget about but am on is Kollabora.  It is a site for makers, DIY and crafters.  There is some great stuff on here and I think it is a good place to showcase your makes, what you used etc and I really must get back into it.  You can also buy things like  patterns etc here as well.

Anyone on here?



For the knitters there is Ravelry. I belong to this group and this is where I put all my makes up. This is a site for yarn lovers, be you a knitter, crocheter, etc. I also use this site to put my yarn details, needles, my books / patterns etc.  I also buy my patterns from here as well.. This is a great spot but just wished they had a mobile app. I do have apps that feed into Ravelry, one is Stash to Go, which I find very useful. 

I know there are a few of you on this site.

Some of you may have noticed that there is a new player on the market, Ello. (Click here to see what it is about).  I have created an account just to see what it is like. Basically it is a new site for all creatives. Not sure about it yet.

Who out there is on here?

Well as you can see there is a plethora of places to put yourself on and been seen.  How to keep up with it all and on top of it all.

Let me know below what you think.. What is your choice of media and how do you manage it.